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President's message

Welcome to the website section of the Gagnon and Belzile families who covers the activities of the Quebec / Chaudiere-Appalaches Chapter. I thus invite you to regularly visit this site to experience the latest developments regarding the achievements of your association.

Hope to meet you,

Henri-Louis Gagnon



The foundation of the chapter for the Quebec area goes back to the year 1992. Our chapter covers the greater Quebec City area (including Portneuf, Charlevoix, Beauce, ...). Here is the list of the presidents chapter who followed one another since its foundation: Louise Belzile (1992-1995), Jocelyne Gagnon (1995-1996), Monique Gagnon (1996-1998), Henri Gagnon (1998-2001), Real Gagnon (2001-2003), Henri Gagnon (2003-2004), Brigitte Gagnon (2004-2008), Michel Gagnon (2008-2011), Madeleine Gagnon (2011-2014), Henri-Louis Gagnon (2014-present).


Board of directors 2015-2016

The Board of Directors 2015 - 2016 was formed at the Annual General Meeting, held in Ste-Claire de Bellechasse, May 15th, 2016. It has ten elected directors, all being members in good standing of the association.

From left to right: Yolande Gagnon, Cécile Richard, Raymonde Bourdages-Gagnon, Madeleine V. Gagnon, Albert Gagnon, Henri-Louis Gagnon, Suzanne Vermette, Madeleine Gagnon, André Gagnon. Brigitte Gagnon does not appear in the photo.

Function and contact details of members of the Board, elected at the general meeting held May 15th, 2016.

Henri-Louis Gagnon
Quebec, QC
(418) 843-4825
Past President:
Madeleine Gagnon
Quebec, QC
(418) 658-3303
Vice-president: André Gagnon Saint-Anselme, QC
(418) 885-4882
Cécile Richard
Quebec, QC
(418) 871-9663
Suzanne Vermette
Quebec, QC
(418) 527-6866
Albert Gagnon
Quebec, QC
(418) 658-7558
Brigitte Gagnon
Quebec, QC
(418) 688-0651
Raymonde Gagnon
Quebec, QC
(418) 658-7558
Madeleine V. Gagnon
Quebec, QC
(418) 621-0481
Yolande Gagnon-Grenier
Quebec, QC
(418) 623-5534
Past activities and photos gallery


Our traditional go out to the sap house. In spring 2016, we were at the maple grove of Cape St. Nicolas.




On February 26th, 27th and 28th, 2016 we were present to the annual event of the Associations of Families, Galeries Chagnon in Levis.



Each year the chapter organizes a dinner during Christmas time. In 2015, we eat at the Restaurant La Girolle.



August 26th, 2015, thirty people enjoyed a day at the Citadelle of Québec. This beautiful day included among others, the changing of the guard, a visit to the residence of the general governor, the visit of the Royal 22nd Regiment Museum and an excellent dinner at the Officers' Mess.



In August 2015, we attended the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France. In addition, we participate in the 375th anniversary of the arrival of our ancestors in America.



Planned activities

• Monastery of Augustines (project)                                      Quebec                                                                     2016 Summer


As summer activity, we offer a guided tour of the Monastery of Quebec Augustines. This visit will be followed by dinner. Additional information regarding this release of August 24th, 2016, will be provided in ''La Gagnonniere" bulletin of May.



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