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Our commitment

The association of the Gagnon and Belzile Families Inc., hereinafter GBF, exposes its general privacy policy regarding personal information collected from its members, volunteers and donors. It is essential for GBF to have the confidence of its members and other relations. To establish and maintain this trust, GBF is committed to adequately protect all personal information received in all internal and external operations of GBF and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Collected information

Two types of personal information can be collected: those of administrative nature and those for genealogical. The administrative information is information allowing GBF to contact and correspond with members, volunteers and donors. Normally, this information is limited to the mailing address, phone numbers and email addresses.

As for genealogical information, they are provided on a voluntary basis, may include several family data (date, place of birth, marriage, death, parentage, etc.) and are used to enrich the genealogical database of GBF. These two types of information are primarily collected through the GBF registration form .

General management of information

The disclosure of information may be subject to several laws and regulations of Quebec and Canada in the protection of personal information. This is why the GBF policy aims circumspect about the management of this information. This management includes measures to ensure the maintenance of the integrity of information, to prevent loss or destruction and to ensure that such information is not disclosed or shared for any other purpose.

All administrative information is considered confidential. Only personal information necessary for GBF to identify and reach a person (member, volunteer or donor) is collected, with his consent. No information is sold, leased, exchanged, shared or made available for commercial purposes. At any time following an identity check, the person can get a detailed description of his personal record to GBF. Only members of the GBF's board may have access to this information.

Genealogical information collected by GBF will be made public on the website of GBF under a policy to be defined later, but which will comply with the applicable laws and regulations and will be inspired from practical and requirements of genealogical societies or genealogist associations. It will have a semi-public character, as only members of GBF will have access to the content. At any time, if his thinks fit, a living person may request to withhold personnel information in using the Contact Us form .

Updating our privacy policy

The Board of Directors of GBF occasionally reviews the privacy measures that apply to our business; our policy is updated, if necessary.

To join us

All requests, concerns or complaints about the 'Privacy Policy' of GBF may be directed to: email .



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