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President’s message

As president of the chapter Ontario / Outaouais, I am pleased to greet you and invite you to visit the area of the national capital. We have great attractions, including the Calypso water park at exit 79 of Highway 417.

Just two kilometres past Canada's largest water park, is located the Village Gagnon Park. This historic park has a special attraction for my family and the Gagnon family. Beginning in summer 2016, the heritage house Pommainville, relocated to the park, will become a regional museum. This house, built in 1880 and constructed of squared logs with an axe, is the only remnant of the original Village Gagnon. A repair allowed rediscovering its original appearance.

Each year, on the second Sunday in June, the Friends of the Village Gagnon organize a picnic at Park Village Gagnon (This year it will be Sunday, June 12, 2016).

Welcome everyone

Denis Pommainville



Chapter Ontario / Outaouais, previously known as Chapter of Eastern Ontario, was founded in 1995 by Mrs Fernande Gagnon-Dagenais who has been its first president. In 2000, our name became Chapter of the Eastern Ontario / Outaouais, in order to include the Quebec side of the area. Finally, at the end of 2013, following requests from the North Bay / Sudbury area, the name is changed again in Chapter Ontario / Outaouais to include all of Ontario. In 2015, we celebrated our twentieth anniversary. This anniversary is also the thirtieth anniversary of the association “Les Families Gagnon and Belzile Inc.” and the 375th anniversary of the arrival of our ancestors Gagnon in New France.


Board of directors 2016-2017

The Board of Directors 2016 - 2017 was formed at the Annual General Meeting, held in Ottawa, April 9, 2016. It has eight elected directors, all being members in good standing of the association.

Top row, left to right: Jeanne Dazé, Edgar Pommainville, Cecile Baker, Denis Gagnon, Bernard Gagnon, Denis Pommainville.
Bottom row, left to right: Roger Pommainville, Jeannine Gagnon.

Function and contact details of members of the Board, elected at the general meeting held April 9, 2016.

Denis Pommainville
Limoges, On
(613) 315-0460
Past President:
Roger Pommainville
Ottawa, On
(613) 875-1034
Vice-president: Denis Gagnon Orleans, On
(613) 824-1144
Jeanne Dazé
Limoges, On
(613) 443-3092
Jeannine Gagnon
Gatineau, QC
(819) 776-0427
Cécile Baker
Casselman, On
(613) 764-5784
Edgar Pommainville
Limoges, On
(613) 443-2751
Bernard Gagnon
Gatineau, QC
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Picnic in the Park Village Gagnon                   Limoges, Ontario                                        June 12, 2016

The picnic organized by the Friends of the Village Gagnon will take place Sunday, June 12 at 10:30 am, rain or shine, given that there is a huge shelter. The park is located at 1760 Calypso Street, in Limoges, Ontario. This year, there will be the unveiling of the regional museum in the Pommainville house. This ancestral house in parts squared with the axe was built around 1880. A new roof was installed to give again its original aspect in 2016. For information: Denis Gagnon :   (613) 824-1144



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