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President's message

This year, the Board of directors adopted an action plan envisaging some activities allowing us to join again with the members and to request the new ones.

The large dimensions of our territory makes so that the Board of directors rather privileges displacements towards the members than to gather them in the same place. We thus thought, this autumn, to join the Gagnons and Belziles of Rimouski and to offer one hour of information to them on our four ancestors and about the Association, then to invite them to integrate our chapter. This meeting will possibly be done at the time of the Rimouski Public Market in October. In the second time, in spring, the Board of directors will go in La Pocatiere, Riviere-Du-Loup, Kamouraska and Trois-Pistoles to meet the members for at least making knowledge and exchanging on waitings on both sides. The date will be announced after Easter.

We seek a means to make known to us and we hope that the Association at the national level can do it via its address Facebook and the new website. Moreover, we would like to thank Mrs Marie-Ange Belzile and Carmen Gagnon who have made signifiant contributions for the addition of the contents in the Chapter's page.

Finally we drew up a list of Gagnon and Belzile personalities of the area for possible conferences.

We hope that our dreamed become reality according to our motto: PEACE, LOYALTY, LOVE!

A warm welcome to all those who will join our chapter.

Christiane Gagnon





The BSL-Gaspesie chapter was founded on April 23rd, 1985 by abbot Maurice Gagnon and Gustave Belzile. The latter was the first president of our chapter. In 1987, a first large gathering in the basement of St-Yves church gathers one hundred and fifty people. On May 3rd, 1997, an Eucharistic celebration held in Trois-Pistoles attracted two hundred and fifty-nine people. In 2006, at St-Clement near Riviere-du-Loup, two hundred people assisted at the Annual General Meeting of the association. And, on June 3rd, 2012, it is a whole weekend which is devoted to Gagnon and Belzile activities. Rimouski, Riviere-du-Loup, Isle-Verte, Trois-Pistoles, St-Fabien, among others, are places where we held some interesting activities. The section here below, give a summary of the activities and the photograph gallery, offer a retrospective of our activities.


The Board of directors

The Board of Directors 2015 - 2016 was formed at the Annual General Meeting, held in Rimouski, May 22th, 2015. It has four elected directors, all being members in good standing of the association.

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Function and contact details of members of the Board, elected at the general meeting held May 22th, 2015.

Christiane Gagnon
Rimouski, QC
(418) 773-9689
Paul-Eugène Gagnon
Ste-Luce, QC
(418) 739-4162
Carmen Gagnon
Rimouski, QC
(418) 731-1267
Robert Gagnon
Rimouski, QC
(418) 722-7203


Past activities and photos gallery

October 17th, 2015, Activity held at the Rimouski Market Place.

Marché Public Oct

Marché Public 2

2015 – Our Annual General Meeting took place on April 25th at the library Lisette-Morin in Rimouski and our speaker was Mylène Gagnon, agronomist. Robert Gagnon was replaced by Christiane Gagnon with the presidency. Ghislain Lavoie is shortly after deceased on May 22nd.

2014 – The Annual General Meeting took place at the Convention center of Rimouski and our speaker was Nick Gagnon, well-known businessman of Rimouski and which spoke to us about his advance. He is also very active in the Community medium, moreover its company received honors lately. We had the honor to have the presence of Benoit Gagnon, the president to the National which spoke to us about 375th anniversary festivities. Robert Gagnon is remained at the position of president and Ernest Gagnon resigned of the Board of directors. Our vice-president, Ghislain Lavoie was in sick leave. The meeting ended in a dinner.


2013 - With the Annual General Meeting of April 27th, 2013 to the agricultural house, at the time of the 375th anniversary of the Cathedral, in Rimouski, the Board of directors was rebuilt with the nomination of a vice-president, of a secretary-treasurer and of two directors. View photo at right.



From left to right: Marie-Ange Belzile, director, Ernest Gagnon, past president, Christiane Gagnon, director, Robert Gagnon, president, Carmen Gagnon, secretary-treasurer and sitting in front Ghislain Lavoie, vice-president.

        photo du ca

2012 - Ernest Gagnon organized a gathering in Riviere-du-Loup from June 1st to June 3rd, at the Levesque hotel, including meal and cocktail followed by a banquet. About thirty people benefitted from this beautiful festive weekend. The guests were entitled to a tour of the Pepiniere Berger in St-Modeste, a guided tour of the Manoir Fraser, the patrimonial Hydroelectric station at Parc-des-Chutes at Riviere-du-Loup and of the Parc-de-la-Pointe. Three Gagnon members gave conferences: Jean-Claude Gagnon, Jean-Paul Gagnon and Ernest Gagnon. The entertaining evening was animated by Ghislain Lavoie with song and music. It is Robert Gagnon who was named president with the meeting of the Annual General Meeting and Ernest Gagnon became the past president. To take note that Ernest Gagnon continues to make voluntary work gracefully by making the family tree of our speakers and he collaborates in the bulletin 'La Gagnonniere' in their providing some texts for publication.

2010 – The Abbot Marcel Belzile was replaced with the presidency by Ernest Gagnon, a genealogist of Riviere-du-Loup. The Abbot Belzile died in March 2012.

2006 – At St Clement, nearby Riviere-du-Loup, two hundred people gathered for the Annual General Meeting of the association. The song of rallying had been composed by J. Germain Masse.

1998 - A corn-husking party took place at home of Daniel Gagnon member, of Île-Verte, on August 23rd. He guided thirty people present for a visit of his farm and thereafter a hearty meal was served on the terrace.

1997 – On May 3rd, an Eucharistic celebration took place in Trois-Pistoles and two hundred and fifty-nine people attended. A song of rallying was composed by Suzanne Belzile, one of the sisters of Abbot Marcel Belzile and Marie-Ange Belzile who also already belonged to Board of directors. This song was under the air 'in all the cantons'. This meeting yielded a profit of 1389$.

1995 – A party was organized in the sap house of the husband of Marie-Ange Belzile, with St-Fabien, but unfortunately only four people came to enjoy this day.

1989 – At the time of the 2nd Annual General Meeting, it is Abbot Marcel Belzile who was named the 3rd chapter president until 2012.

1987 - The 1st gathering took place at the basement of the Church of St-Yves with meals and the celebration of a mass. One hundred and fifty people attended. The Abbot Maurice Gagnon was elected the 2nd president and it is him who had organized this festival.

1985 -  The BSL-Gaspesie Chapter was founded on April 23rd, 1985 by Abbot Maurice Gagnon and Gustave Belzile who was appointed 1st president of our chapter and three people became members the same day.


Planned activities

• Promotional tours                Riviere-du-Loup, Trois-Pistoles, Kamouraska and La Pocatiere                    2016 (to be fixed)


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