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This part of the website contains information about the history of our association, its various constituents, its past and future activities, as well as its regulations, its policies and its documents in connection with its administration.

We are a non-profit organization, established in 1986, and grouping today over five hundreds members, mainly present in Quebec and also somewhere else in Canada, in the United States and in Europe. Our association is open to all, but especially to the descendants of Gagnon and Belzile ancestors, their kinship and allies. The association has for main objective to share information related to the descendants of our four ancestors Maturin, Jean, Pierre and Robert. Our members have a privileged access to this information, allowing them a return to one's roots and in the discovery of their origins. The actions of the association aim in particular at making known the history and to encourage the design of a genealogic inventory of Gagnon and Belzile families, from their known origin to this day. The association also intends to make known and to highlight the contribution of the women who accompanied our ancestors since the whole beginnings by the colony.


Historical and objectives

With the autumn 1984, a corporation whose executive committee was chaired by brother Armand Gagnon was formed to organize the 5th large gathering of Gagnon and Belzile families, held on August 17th, 1985 in Sainte-Anne de Beaupre. On September 4th, 1985, the same executive committee initiated the formation of a new corporation in order to group together the Gagnon and Belzile families in an association and whose name would be Les Familles Gagnon et Belzile Inc. This committee was composed of the brother Armand Gagnon, president, of Denise Belzile-Buron, vice-president, of the notary Claude Gagnon, adviser, of Annette Belzile, treasurer and of Jacqueline Fortier, secretary. Additional letters patent were emitted to confirm the new name, following the first annual general meeting of March 8th, 1986, in Saint-Denys du Plateau located at 100 Church Road in Sainte-Foy. The first Board of directors there is elected and is composed of five directors and nine regional representatives, all members of the association. One fixes the first annual subscription at 10$ per year for three bulletins "La Gagnonniere".

Over the years, the association did not cease walking on. Here are the events or the most outstanding actions:

  • May 16th, 1987 the reglementations of the association are adopted;
  • 1988, the abbot Lucien Godbout draws a blazon made according to the heraldic rules. The association becomes a part of the ''Fédération des familles Souches du Québec''
  • 1989, the “La Gagnonniere” journal is now published four times per year. The Quebec Chapter of the Association is formed
  • 1990, the association organizes the 6th large gathering in Mount St. Anne
  • 1993, the Saguenay / Lac Saint-Jean Chapter is formed
  • 1994, the Bas-Saint-Laurent Chapter and the eastern Ontario Chapter are formed
  • August 12th, 1995, great festivities are organized in St. Famille of Île d'Orléans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our foundation
  • 1996, the website was launched on the Web
  • 1997, the Mauricie / Centre du Québec Chapter is formed. First presence with "Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France"
  • 2000, the first appearance to the 'Salon of genealogy at Place Laurier' in Sainte-Foy. The large gathering in Château-Richer to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the association foundation
  • 2001, the Montreal / Laval / Montérégie Chapter is formed
  • 2005, the purchase of new computing equipment
  • 2006, Jean-Paul Gagnon, author of genealogical dictionaries on Gagnon and Belzile families, who is a director since the beginning of the association, an organizer of several back to roots trips in France, awarded the Volunteer Emeritus award from the "Federation des familles souches du Quebec" to mark his lifetime achievement. The association reveals an interpretive painting of the three brothers ancestors in Place Royale UNESCO Park, the same site where the three brothers had their trade
  • In 2008, the association publishes a booklet of 28 pages on the history of Gagnon and Belzile families and published on compact disc all the editions of 'La Gagnonniere' since 1986
  • the association is restructuring: the executive committee is abolished and the number of members on the board of directors proceeds from fifteen to nine directors. The regulations of the association are reviewed in-depth. The 25th anniversary of the association is celebrated in Trois-Rivieres. Tributes were paid to Jacqueline Fortier, Colette Gagnon, Therese B. Gagnon, Gabrielle Gagnon, Louise Gagnon and Gabriel Gagnon for their contribution and their voluntary work forn the association. The website name change for
  • In 2012, the association obtains a genealogical database of 330,000 names, a courtesy gift done by a member
  • August 8th, 2015, in Quebec, the association holds its 7th Grand gathering which gathers more than two hundred people to mark the 375th anniversary of the establishment in New France of the three brothers Mathurin, Jean and Pierre (followed later of the ancestor Robert)

Since its foundation, some thousand six hundreds people have joined the association as active members. This number, several died or left us for various reasons. Today, the association has nearly five hundreds active members.

Objectives of the association

  • To gather together the descendants of the ancestors Mathurin, Jean, Pierre and Robert Gagnon, their parents and allies in America, to strengthen the ties that bind them to the origins, using all the available and all the allowed resources to encourage meetings, the works, the achievements, the social events characters, the patriotic, the cultural, highlighting particular historical anniversaries referring to one or the other of the illustrious ancestors or their famous descendants
  • To hold occasionally, meetings or assemblies of members outside Quebec
  • To encourage, to promote and to help, according to its means and resources, making a complete genealogical inventory of Gagnon and Belzile families on the American continent, which is related to the above named ancestors and to support any research on the history of these families and to facilitate the diffusion of it
  • To receive donations of works produced by the Gagnons and Belziles or by their allies or in connection with their families for the benefit of members
  • To publish a specific journal about Gagnon and Belzile families, to broadcast news and general information about the association and its members
Armorial bearings and description


The heraldic one is an art having for object the knowledge and the study of the armorial bearings which regroup all the symbols of a community or family.

The blazon form of armorial bearings appeared in the eighteenth century on the shield of the combatants to identify their allegiance.

The elements constituting a blazon are the escutcheon or blazon body, enamels, colors and them furniture or objects (all items being reproduced on the escutcheon).

Here below the blazon representing armorial bearings of Gagnon and Belzile families.

The choice of the division of the field of the escutcheon into four parts allows placing the four selected elements there. The number four is a very symbolic system. It points out the four cardinal points, the four seasons, the four phases of the moon, the four arms of the cross and the four letters of the word 'Dieu'.

The four objects have the following meanings. The dove and its olive branch represent the family and are a symbol of peace. The lily reminds France, country of the ancestors of the Gagnon and Belzile family; it symbolizes the French civilization, its language and its culture whose these families are impregnated. The star, guide and light, is the symbol of fearless faith and courage of ancestors. The maple leaf symbolizes Canada adopted country of our ancestors; it is the image of the spiritual and material wealth of both families

As for enamels, there is silver, a symbol of purity, of light and of loyalty.

In the case of colors, the red recalls the color of fire and blood and is a symbol of life, strength and courage ... virtues families Gagnon and Belzile. The azure is the sky color, its symbolizes peace, quiet and an ideal in life.

The motto is "Peace, loyalty and love" (Paix, loyauté et amour in French) so that peace radiates among all members of the families and around them, and that all develop a feeling of ''loyalty'' towards the ancestors and the country where one lives. As for the ''love'', it is love of the truth, of the life, of the beauty. Love and fidelity with God, to his family, and love of the country!

* Blazon of Gagnon and Belzile families designed in 1988 at the request of the Association. Our armorial bearings were developed according to the heraldic rules by Father Lucien Godbout. This document is drawn and adapted from the book of Brother Armand Gagnon, published on behalf of the association Les Familles Gagnon and Belzile in 1995 and republished in 2015.

Past activities and photos gallery

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Dependent on the association, this page is addressed to all Gagnon descendants and/or Belzile, (whether or not members of the association, carryings the name or not) of the Gagnon ancestors: the three brothers (Mathurin, Jean, and Pierre), a half-sister (Marguerite Gagnon (Eloi Le Tavernier) and a cousin (Robert, Belzile's ancestor). One finds there publications connected to Gagnon and Belzile, concerning:

  • The history and the genealogy of the ancestors, personalities (old and current), families...
  • The Activities and Events: annual meetings of the chapters and of the association, anniversaries, family gatherings...
  • The old photos identified or identified family pedigrees…
  • Search of images, of information...

If you have information, news or requests to share, submit them to us.


Planned activities

Anual General Meeting of the association - Saint-Fulgence, Saguenay, Qc - June 5th, 2016

  • This year, the annual general meeting of the association will take place to the Auberge La Tourelle du Fjord, in Saguenay. The membership meeting will be preceded by a conference and will be followed by a visit in Sainte-Rose du Nord. The inn offers accommodation to a prferential rate with the participants. More details and the registration form are available and printable hereafter while clicking on the link:

Details and registration form to print, fill-up and mail

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