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The aims of the association are to:

- Bring together the descendants Gagnon and Belzile;

- Research and share information about the four Gagnon ancestors: the 3 brothers Mathurin, Jean and Pierre; and their grand cousin Robert, also the ancestor of the Belzile;

- Highlight the Gagnon women who emigrated to New France: Renée Roger, the mother of the 3 brothers, who did not stay; Marguerite, their half-sister, and her 2 daughters; then Marthe, Mathurin's first daughter, born in France;

- Also highlight the wives who have accompanied our ancestors since the very beginning of the colony, as well as their contributions;

- To disseminate general information and genealogical data of the Gagnon and Belzile descendants from the beginning to the present day.

Why be part of the association? 

To be officially part of the great Gagnon and Belzile family; to help us preserve our past and present, thus ensuring the continuity of our exceptional family heritage; and to be able to pass it on to future generations.

And as a member, you have privileged access to documents that are often unpublished and more detailed, which will help you discover your origins; as well as to a Gagnon and Belzile genealogical database that will allow you to make your family tree.

Some advantages include 

- You receive "La Gagnonnière" magazine in paper format by mail and/or you have access to it in digital format on this site. It is published four times a year and includes news from the association and chapters, as well as articles on the history and genealogy of Gagnon and Belzile, past and present. Several of these articles are also published in English;

- You have privileged access to more detailed historical information and our genealogical database specific to the Gagnon and Belzile soon on this site;

- You will be informed of regional and national activities, including news and discoveries, conferences on history and genealogy, fairs or activities where you can meet us;

- You will be invited to our annual gatherings; you will have the right to vote and submit your candidacy for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association's members, as well as that of your chapter;

- You will have the opportunity to twin with members of the "Gagnon de France" association: exchange of magazines, accommodation facilities, etc.;

- You will be informed about our ''Back to the Backgrounds'' trips to France, as well as the Gagnon and Belzile tourist tours in Quebec and Ontario.

Don't wait any longer!

Here are the two options for applying for membership, renewing or updating your file:

By mail

Simply download the form to your desktop, print it and complete the required information. Then forward the form and payment to our registrar.


Simply fill out the online form and send it. It is possible to make the payment online by contacting our registrar or you must mail your payment within seven days.

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