The activities

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The activities of the association, both at the national and regional level (in or out of chapters), aim to create friendly meetings that allow Gagnon and Belzile descendants, as well as all those interested in history and genealogy, to fraternize and spend good times together on a particular theme, place or event. These meetings are also intended to learn more about the history, genealogy and accomplishments of Gagnon and/or Belzile individuals, characters and families from the communities or regions in which the activities take place.

The association's activities at the national and regional level (chapters) consist of annual gatherings (AGM, tourism-historical activities, buffet-historical-genealogical conference-Gagnon and Belzile) in a different region each year. There are also recreational activities in a place or during a tourism-historical event; as well as representation activities in Fadoq and FAFQ shows, and others such as the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France.

You will find here (mainly in French) the upcoming activities, and an archive of past activities of the association and chapters.

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