The Chapters

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The organizational structure 

From the very beginning of the association's creation, there was a concern to recruit members and directors from different regions, to "create cells" as mentioned by the founding president, Father Armand Gagnon. This is true both for the recruitment of members and for the organization of gatherings and celebrations of historical anniversaries. In the general regulations of the charter, the creation of regional chapters with the same operating rules as those of the association was included. Local and regional representatives and committees were first appointed and then chapters were created.

Through its chapters, the association seeks to create regional networks of Gagnon and Belzile descendants, eager to fraternize and learn more about their ancestors who arrived in New France. The preferred way is to organize social and historical activities in conjunction with the Gagnon and Belzile people of the regions grouped into chapters, in order to introduce them to the people and stories of the region in connection with our great family. At the national level, the association publishes a magazine "La Gagnonnière" which reports on the activities of the chapters, as well as texts on the history of the Gagnon and Belzile, past and present. In addition, members have access to this website, which will gather more and more historical and genealogical information that will allow them to create their own genealogy.

The association's board of directors is working to relaunch the currently inactive chapters and is looking for people interested in contributing to them.

Feel free to contact one of the members of the association's board of directors for any questions or suggestions and information you would like to share with us using the 'CONTACT US' tab

Currently three chapters offer activities to members. These are the chapters:

The members of the Board of Directors are working to relaunch three other chapters:

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